Cyberbullying is one of the main things we are trying to protect children from.
Understand what cyberbullying is and why it is far worse than bullying used to be.

Report Abuse

Report Abuse

Advice from CEOP

We don’t tolerate bullying in schools or anywhere else so why would we put up with receiving messages or images that are upsetting online.  It is just the same and when done continuously it is another form of bullying – often called cyberbullying – and may include pictures, text, phone calls and hits on your social networking profile.
Bullying Advice from CEOP

Digizen - Cyberbullying Interactive

Responsible Digital Citizen?
Are you a responsible digital Citizen?
Experience life of a day in school of someone being cyberbullyed, make decisions and find out how good a digital citizen you are!


Directgov Bullying Website
Cyberbullying. Laugh at it, and you're part of it.
The governments cyberbullying website.

Cyberbullying Film

A film showing what its like to be cyberbullyed and what effect it can have on your life.
Link to Cyberbullying Film