Username & Password Help

Hints and tips on how to create safe but interesting usernames and how to create a strong password and remember it, essential requirements to keep our personal information safe when using computers!

Unique and Safe Usernames

All usernames must be unique on websites and your username is as important as your password, it could give away information about your identity and could cause unwanted interest from cyber-creeps.
How do you create a username that is safe, you will remember and is unique, try one of the following web pages to help.

Internet Safety Wiki

Internet Safety Wiki - usernames
Family Safety meets cyberspace.
Choosing a safe username is important—especially for kids and teens, but for adults as well.

Behind the Name

Generate a new username
Struggling to come up with a unique username or want to give yourself a new name to use for your online profile, try this name generator.


wiki How - usernames
It can be very difficult to create a username that is not already taken, and very annoying trying to keep remembering different usernames.
How do you create a username that is not likely already taken?

Password Advice

Advice on how to create and remember a strong password.


Microsoft Password Advice
Strong passwords are important protections to help you have safer online transactions

Watching the Net

Create a Strong Password
How to create strong passwords and remember them.. Idea's on using symbols and possible password idea's.


Create a Random Password
How to create a truly random password.